We will provide the programs and financial support that attract and enable the success of outstanding graduate and undergraduate students from all backgrounds, and we will build diversity in all aspects among our faculty and staff.

Expand Access, Diversity and Inclusiveness

We seek a community that embraces a breadth of knowledge, thought, perspectives, experiences and backgrounds and enables us to achieve excellence in all facets of our mission. To expand access and diversity, we must build on our history of recruiting high-achieving individuals from under-resourced and middle-class families and assure affordability by implementing and funding generous financial aid policies that successfully attract them. To promote broad success, we must enable undergraduate and graduate students from all backgrounds to thrive at Rice, including supporting access to the full range of Rice experiences and opportunities. We must seek greater representation of women and minorities in disciplines in which they have historically been underrepresented. We must attract international students from a wider range of countries and backgrounds. We must accelerate progress in building a faculty and staff who are diverse in background and thought. We must support an inclusive environment by creating the programs and facilities that foster interaction and understanding within our diverse community.